Lone Star Warriors Outdoors

52 Weeks of Guns


In an effort to raise money and help more Combat Injured Veterans LSWO is putting on the 52 Weeks of Gun Raffle. We will sell 1000 tickets at $50.00 each. The raffle will start January1st, 2018 or when all tickets are sold if not sold by January 1 st 2018.

We will use a tamper proof selection method where there WILL be a winner each week, which is using the Monday night Pick 3 Texas Lottery numbers. We will then contact the winner and post their name on the website. At that point your number is put back into the drawing, so you have the possibility of winning again.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by calling 903-253-5604 or finding one of our staff members. Thank you to all the support this event and we are looking forward to seeing our winners.


•  1000 tickets printed numbered 000-999.

•  Need not be present to win.

•  Tickets are $50 each and enter you into the drawing for each of the 52 weeks of the year.  You keep the same number all year, and are eligible to win any time your ticket is drawn. Guns may change according to availability.  All efforts will be made to award comparable based on caliber / action.

•  Drawing are scheduled to start January 1 st 2018, but will not begin until all tickets are sold.

•  All guns will be new, purchased, stored and picked up at Superior Firearms, 4520 S Broadway Ave, Tyler, TX 75703  or shipping can be arranged to another FFL Dealer at the winner's expense.

•  Texas Lottery Pick 3 numbers on the Monday night drawing will be used to select the winners.  There are only 1000 possible outcomes and it is an independent tamper proof selection process that guarantees one and only one winner each week.

•  Winners will have 30 days to claim their prize and will be contacted three times using the contact information supplied; unclaimed prizes will be donated to Lone Star Warriors Outdoors for future raffles.

•  Must be 21 to purchase tickets.

•  State and Federal Laws apply.

•  If the winner cannot pass the background check, the firearm will be donated to Lone Star Warriors Outdoors. No name substitutions will be allowed. Only the winner may claim the prize.

•  Winner assumes all responsibility for usage of the firearms.

•  Winner agrees to have photos taken with the prizes and their likeness published and used for promotional purposes.

•  The prizes are subject to availability.  Prizes of equal or greater value to be substituted if necessary but the winner is not allowed to use the value of the gun to purchase something else.

•  Additional Prizes may be added for holidays such as 4 th of July, Thanksgiving etc.

•  If for some reason a lotto number is not selected during a certain week, that week will roll over to the next week and will continue on the remainder of the drawing.

•  Employees of the store, Lone Star Warriors Outdoors. Staff, volunteers and anyone else that is interested may purchase tickets.

Drawing dates and winners will be posted on www.LoneStarWarriorsOutdoors.com


Weapons provided by Superior Firearms, 4520 S Broadway Ave, Tyler, TX

Type and Brand
wk1 Kimber Custom II 45
wk2 Bushmaster QRC
wk3 Remington 870 Supermag 12ga
wk4 Browning A-Bolt 6.5 Creedmoor
wk5 Ruger American 308 Predator
wk6 Ruger 10/22 Stainless/Synthetic
wk7 Savage Axis Combo Synthetic 270
wk8 Ruger LC9S 9MM
wk9 S&W Shield 9mm
wk10 Marlin 336 W/Scope 30-30
wk11 Rock Island 1911 45acp
wk12 Colt M4 Ar-15 223
wk13 Henry Golden Boy 22LR
wk14 Remington 700 SPS Tactical 308
wk15 Escort Automatic 20ga
wk16 Marlin XT-17
wk17 Springfield XDS
wk18 Stoeger P3000 12 GA
wk19 Ruger American 6.5 creedmore
wk20 Browning A-Bolt Synthetic 308
wk22 Benelli 12ga supernova camo
wk23 Thompson Center Venture 22-250
wk24 S&W AR-22
wk25 Mossberg tactical 12ga
wk26   Glock 22 40sw
wk27   Ruger 10/22 custom build
wk28   Henry h001 22lr wood stock
wk29   Savage Axis 308
wk30   Remington 1187 Camo 12ga
wk31   Diamondback FDE AR15 300Blk
wk32   Stoeger 20 ga over under
wk33   Ruger 10/22 blue
wk34   S&W Airweight
wk35   Henry Big Boy 44Mag
wk36   Ruger American 243
wk37   Ruger lcp 380
wk38   Heritage Rough Rider 22lr/22mag
wk39   ATI AR15 with red dot
wk40   Glock 43 9MM
wk41   Henry Pump 22LR
wk42   Savage 93R17
wk43   KIMBER MICRO 380
wk44   Taurus 605 stainless 357 mag
wk45   Glock 42 380 acp
wk45   Henry Lever Action W/Large Loop 22lr
wk47   Remington Model 7 Brush Camo 223
wk48   Remington 783 308 win
wk49   Ruger AR556 AR15
wk50   Savage Axis XP 243
wk51   Ruger 10/22 Takedown
wk52   Smith Wesson AR15 223/5.56

Participant Quote

I wanted to thank y'all for the hunt last weekend. I had such a great time and it really meant a lot. The family at the ranch really made me feel at home and even more made me feel like part of the family. This trip was more than just a hunt for me, I have made friends for a lifetime. This has truly been an experience I will never forget. I can't say thank you enough Lone Star Warriors Outdoors for everything y’all did. And thank you for what you are doing for the wounded veterans like myself. Keep up the outstanding work
Michael Tager – U.S.M.C